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A slang term used instead of 'Goodbye' or 'Cya'. Derived from 'skaddatle' the term is used often around slums and streets.
1. Skatz ya later
2. Fuck, we gotta skatz it
by Mikel June 13, 2004
Sheep humping canadian, commonly seen in bastardizations.
Hide your livestock! Balzz is coming!
by Mikel March 09, 2003
a somewhat sad and confused person who is clearly white yet has somehow developed the idea in their head that they are black or were meant to be black or were black in a passed life... this basically goes for anyone who acts like a "thug" and isnt black
EMINEM... or anyone else u might know who seems to act like they are a black person and definately isnt...
by Mikel July 04, 2004
A term of endearment referenced to a male whose origin is from the Eastern Coast of North Carolina.
One such male that is the epitome of perfection and beauty.
One who redefines the word "cool."
Jake is RawWulf
by Mikel May 03, 2004
A player who owns your at counter-strike and is rarely killed. A player who doesnt hack and is ultra elite(cal-i).
1. Oh man, chIbImIke owned me so bad!
2. Its chIbImIke we will never win!
by mikeL December 07, 2004
Runny boog that has a little green in er
ohhhhh yeah
"please do not blow your snoogers all over the wall"
by Mikel November 03, 2003
the right way to holla
holla back, holla front, damn these niggaz dont know how to holla right
by MikeL August 05, 2003
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