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8 definitions by Mike Eldred

Irish slang.
A person who runs off at the mouth, and is completely full of shit.
Actually, the phrase is a combination of two Irish slang words scutter meaning diarhea, and gobshite, a person who doesn't know what they're talking about, but talks anyway.
Would you ever shut up, ya scutterin' gobshite ?
by Mike Eldred January 24, 2008
Irish Slang
1. Something that is not in its proper position, something that has been turned askew.
2. To misunderstand something
1. I couldn't get the toast out of the toaster because it was jammed in there all arseways.

2. He called and left a message saying I should pick him up at 2, but I got it all arseways and went to the station at 2 am.
by Mike Eldred January 24, 2008
noun: Trash, garbage, or filth.
British slang.
Famously, in the 1970s BBC comedy "The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin," Reggie opened a doomed (he hoped) shop that sold old bits of trash and scrap recycled into completely useless items. He called it "The Grot Shop." (To Reg's horror, the shop was wildly successful, leading to a string of Grot Shops and, eventually, Grot Industries.)
Something that is "grotty" has a look of filth about it.
"Look at this wonderful planter I got at the Grot Shop."
"It looks like a grotty old shoe, to me."
by Mike Eldred January 22, 2008
Irish slang.
1. Used to describe something that is ruined or broken.
2. To be in a troublesome situations.
Rel. banjaxed, screwed, fucked up
1. I dropped my iPod down the stairwell. It's bolloxed.
2. When I saw the blue lights come on in the rearview mirror, I knew I was completely bolloxed
by Mike Eldred January 24, 2008
Irish Slang
Speechless, stunned, surprised, in disbelief,
I was completely gob smacked when I found out she was up the pole. I couldn't believe it.
by Mike Eldred January 24, 2008
Irish Gaelic
A boreen is a small country lane, the kind that has grass growing up the middle of its single lane. Little more than a cartpath.

Boreens are often lined by close stone walls, so on the rare occasion one meets traffic comeing the other way, it can be all but impossible to pass without one motorist backing up for quite a distance.
We were out driving on the boreens of Roscommon when we came upon what I believe is the finest pub in the Republic.
by Mike Eldred January 24, 2008
Irish Slang
In poor physical condition, bumpy, rough, or falling to pieces.
My car nearly fell apart going over that bockedy old boreen (road).

We took Seamus's bockedy old car to the beach. I don't know why he won't fix the suspension.
by Mike Eldred January 24, 2008