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A rare talent so confusing that even those who have it don't understand how it works or how others can't have it.
Each tone sounds so distinctly different, I have no clue why no one else can tell them apart.
by Mike the Ekim March 27, 2005
The combination of the words "bore" and "moron".
One scientist was such a boron that he named an element after what he was.
by Mike the Ekim December 23, 2004
A class that explains the structure of music. You'll learn the difference between an A-sharp and a B-flat. Later you get into the rules of writing counterpoints and four-part harmonies, which are useless unless you write classical music, but are still good to know.
Music theory is the first music class I had to take in which I actually had to THINK.
by Mike the Ekim March 25, 2006
The most awesome city in the world.
Who needs New York City when you can go to Philadelphia?
by Mike the Ekim September 19, 2005
An "activity" used by gym teachers to make the phyiscally weak suffer from severe shortage of breath and often collapse.
Last time we did the mile in gym I almost died because I was so short of breath and they kept forcing me to run.
by Mike the Ekim September 14, 2005
A song that was good until it got overplayed.
"All right, The Reason is on, I love this song!"

2 days later: "Oh shit, not The Reason again!"
by Mike the Ekim February 04, 2006
to fuck another person
I know your girlfriend.
by Mike the Ekim February 01, 2006

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