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associated with a typical Boston accent where one says "wicked" to express a degree of extreme to a word.
That game was wicked awesome.
Your girlfriend is wicked hot.
by Mikal March 03, 2005
To say "Ah my lungs" is when you recieve pain to the diaphram. Or can be used as a time filler when you are feeling Awkward or SILLY.
Person 1: What do you want to do today?
Person 3: Ok...
by Mikal October 09, 2004
1) When something is absolutely amazing. Can't be bettered.
2) An expression showing something isn't very good.
3) Testicles
4) A series of lies.
5) When something goes wrong. To show frustration over this.
1) I went to see less than jake live. They were the bollocks.
2) Emo music is just bollocks
3) I told some slag off for being Emo. She kicked me in the bollocks.
4) George bush dun half talk some Bollocks.
5) Bollocks! I accidentley downloaded finch.
by Mikal June 07, 2004
To give one's self a pleasure rub.
An expression used if something isnt very good.
Last night i watched back door sluts 9 and had a great WANK over it.

Karl: Have you heard of the band HIM?
Me: Yes. I have.
Karl: I am going to see them live.
Me: Gutting. That is quite devastating as they Are the WANKest band on this earth. Even more wank than finch
by Mikal June 07, 2004
1) when something means a lot to you.
2) a very thick person
3) a word often used to describe a retard
1) my bass is special to me.
2) no! 2 x 5 is not 12. what are you? fucking special?
3) have u seen the family who moved in next dorr? they got a 'special' son who can't walk propely
by Mikal June 08, 2004
A Phrase said by the Graphics Noob Aime.
Mikal: Thats a nice beef sandwich Mr Gafney.
Everyone in the room: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL..
by Mikal October 09, 2004
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