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195 definitions by Michelle

to suck a mans penis
give me head bitch then we fuck
by michelle August 09, 2004
also known in england as Sod's Law
by MICHELLE October 15, 2003
To befuddle or confuse; usually connotates surprise.
I was boomswaggled by (whatever boomswaggled you).
by Michelle June 21, 2003
1. A man that has sexual contact with any person, more than likely than not, because he has to take it from whomever offers or hints at it.
2. Similar to a manwhore, but without any form of payment offered or received.
3. Similar to a makeout king; however, this is a man so unwanted that he must try to have sexual contact with anyone who remotely bats an eye at him; usually that is a drunken bar girl eye who won't remember him in the morning.
Ever time we take Jake to the bar he disappears with the drunkest, nastiest chicks. Poor chicks, he's such a hisore.
by Michelle January 21, 2005
A good friend.
A close friend.
A unafraid,bold,outgoing person who cares bout their friends
This here is my Home-Nugget.
I love my Home-Nugget.
If i were your Home-Nugget, i would run away!
by Michelle January 02, 2005
hawaiian dorkus who is hot rite now. one glimpse at him and you will think that you are surfing the waves of hawaii with the hottest babes. you will hurt your eyes just looking at him.
i wish i was jaepil.
by michelle December 06, 2004
a hot guy's ass
Damn, there's a shnugit at 3 o'clock!
by Michelle March 08, 2004