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used in instances when you just want someone to piss off
stop talking your preppy shit go die in a hole
by Michaela January 12, 2005
Repulsively ugly.
Calista Flockhart is tuked.
by Michaela April 07, 2003
A sexy frog in a tuxedo with a top hat and shiny shoes.
Jenna' s boyfriend, Jon, reminds me of an Lickabod
by Michaela April 06, 2005
adj. a person with irregularly large testiles
He is a very testilicious man
by Michaela November 26, 2003
The shit that hangs from a sheeps bum.
You look like a dag in that shirt.
by Michaela January 15, 2003
a faggy way of saying "sorry" created by a ghetto wannabe finnish girl, Arianna
SnoAngel*****: sheesh sorray
by michaela November 02, 2003
B Booty
2 2 fine for just any girl
K K now Back off my man in B2K
ALL FINE !!!!!!! Man it aint no joke day make a lady !!!!!!!! ( Mrs. Druex Fizzle)
by Michaela November 24, 2003

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