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31 definitions by MiMi

The sound rabid penguins make when they hit you with a spoon.
Rosbif! Pwak Pwak!
by Mimi May 30, 2004
A cookie stick topped with different flavors (such as strawberry, chocolate, or vanillia). May or may not be better than a Nestle snack, but that doesn't matter, since anyone in their right minds should be boycotting Nestle anyway.

Pocky: A fun snack, and is only the primary source of food for anime fans at conventions, because that's the only thing the vendors sell besides Ramune.
Jasmine, Mandii, and Maurice did the wiggle for some free pocky at A-kon.
by Mimi December 03, 2003
some1 who is a total loser and thinks he is some god wen he rellay is just a piece of shit!
ur such a lillu!
by mimi April 27, 2003
A codename, stands for "Party at Darlene's Bar"
"So is the duck gonna fly at midnight?"
"Yup. We're gonna get so cronked"
by Mimi January 28, 2005
'dum' is slang for dumb.
You are dum. Get that?
by Mimi April 16, 2004
A fanfiction term meaning the opposite of cannon. Something totally made up by the readers/watchers.
In Harry Potter, harry and Ginny have a fannon relationship
by Mimi April 17, 2004
A punkrock band from New York.
Kiwi's a fucking awesome band!
by Mimi March 14, 2004