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The fin on the back (dorsal) side of an aquatic animal such as a fish, dolphin, or shark.
The dorsal fin on that shark is hook shaped
by mimi June 13, 2003
Something that's awesome.
Those shoes are whoa!
by Mimi January 22, 2003
some1 who is a total loser and thinks he is some god wen he rellay is just a piece of shit!
ur such a lillu!
by mimi April 27, 2003
'dum' is slang for dumb.
You are dum. Get that?
by Mimi April 16, 2004
A codename, stands for "Party at Darlene's Bar"
"So is the duck gonna fly at midnight?"
"Yup. We're gonna get so cronked"
by Mimi January 28, 2005
A fanfiction term meaning the opposite of cannon. Something totally made up by the readers/watchers.
In Harry Potter, harry and Ginny have a fannon relationship
by Mimi April 17, 2004
A punkrock band from New York.
Kiwi's a fucking awesome band!
by Mimi March 14, 2004
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