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kind of like a french kiss, but you bite each other's tounge and exchange blood.
I was makeing out with this guy when all of the sudden he gave me a vampire kiss.
by mimi February 25, 2005
of or pertaining to the bionic nature of lesbians
Monnette can change her own oil and enjoys trips to Home Depot -- how lesbionic!
by Mimi May 23, 2003
same a motherfucker
"look what those motherhumpers did!"
by mimi January 18, 2004
To be lied or tricked.
"I totally thought I was being dupped when my teacher pulled out a pop-quiz!"
by Mimi April 21, 2005
1.(adj) funny to the point of tears; when something's past the point of hilarious
the definition of hoodrat on this website
by MiMi March 01, 2005
(that's so raven)
-tight as hell
-Freaky and ridiculous
damn dat chain is fridiculous
by mimi February 20, 2005
this totally kick ass band which every one needs to see
flatfoot 5ifty 6ix is kicking major ass
by mimi March 20, 2004

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