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really freakin happy. extremely happy.
dude, there's a lizzie mcguire marathon on. i think i love her. this makes me shappy
by mercenary February 14, 2003
a slang word used in north london by mercenary intended to replace the word serious
your injuries are gonna be grevious cuz
by mercenary June 30, 2004
a game played mostly by pot heads. if youre not a pot head but are good, get ready to be called a pot head. really a form a lazy man soccer. kick the bag, hope everyone in the circle hits the bag, if not, pick it up and try again. the ultimate time killer that doesnt get anwhere near as much respect as it deserves.
DUDE! that mercenary hacky-sacker is doing so many crunchin moves! YEAH! GO HACKY-SACKER! ROCK THIS BITCH!
by mercenary February 14, 2003
Skies of Arcadia, also known as Eternal Arcadia.
Skies of Arcadia is the greatest game ever.
by Mercenary July 28, 2003

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