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The original Emo Ranger; but can be used to denote one who cries while masturbating.
"Oh man, you're making me feel like ButtonstheClown; and that usualy doesn't happen untill after I masturbate to the banners on battle.net"
by Mephiston November 29, 2004
Another ACF Troll who couldn't even figure out how to change his toolbar in firefox; he also appears to have a strange attraction to young girls
All was going well on their date, untill the girl informed Arc_Impulse that she was only 13 shortly before, what was certain to be, a sexual encounter.
by Mephiston November 29, 2004
An ACF poster harbouring a secret lust for KnigtWhoSaysNi; one day he may come clean, but for now he'll have to stay in the Raisin Box of Shame
"Y halo that?1" said Infinitez, as he proposistioned another ACFer for some buttsecks
by Mephiston November 29, 2004
A poster from ACF who is right on the issues; but who still insists he has no relation to the DBZ Trunks.
I respect Trunks-San_MT, but he has to admit his has a problem.
by Mephiston November 29, 2004
A poster from ACF who would die if he had 22 kidney stones.
I am sorry for lose, but its all Zao's fault; her and her mouse's giant vagina.
by Mephiston November 29, 2004
The King of WTF and bestower of fine photoshoped atrocities onto all of ACF.
Except when he's posting Albino Squirrels like a n00b, Ni's antics make me shake my head in "WTF"
by Mephiston November 29, 2004

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