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the quality of being an asshole; behaving in the manner of an asshole
People who lean on their horns in a traffic jam in the hopes of the honking clearing traffic demonstrate their inate assholedry.
by Meg May 25, 2004
(noun) A stunning creature of high intelligence that enjoys devouring stupid humans.
Haha, that Pory just ate your mom!
by Meg April 10, 2003
Simple: a Loser and a dork...i am not sure where the er was put in
Look at that guy...he's such a lorker
by Meg March 29, 2005
Slang word for a womyn's ovaries.
"My uphers hurt.....damn period!"
by Meg March 18, 2005
A sheep-like cartoon, its small and has eyes of two different sizes. Its strictly fictional.
Girl one :Man that sexy!
Girl two : I know the eyes are so uneven!
by Meg December 15, 2004
'flaps' spelt backwards. It's usually used in conjunction with tnuc or Tnuc, ie someone is a 'spalf tnuc'. It's just like calling someone an idiot, i guess. No specific meaning, it's just when you want to confuse someone around you, or insult someone in front of others without them knowing.

Sam and me made this up in our economics class, after discussing 'sinep', then 'tnuc', and then 'spalf'.
Oh geez sam you're a spalf, aren't you?
by Meg May 05, 2004
A person who used to live in Florida/Michigan and has moved to the opposite state.
Ex. I moved from MI to FL.

I consider myself from both states.
I am Flormichian
by Meg March 15, 2005

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