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pee pee hard-on; when a man has an erection; also know as a boner
OMG! Did u just see that guy's pho?
by meg March 18, 2005
high school where all the stoners and stupid people go.
Dude, that dumbass over there must go to Windsor.
by meg March 19, 2005
I am so damn cool I don't need any shit from you, and if you give it to me, I'm going to kick your ass
You know what, I'm Rick James, Bitch so you best back up!
by meg May 01, 2004
A quicker way of moseying to class
We best straddle off to class before we're late.
by Meg May 12, 2004
n. One who is a slutty dirty skanky hoe // Natcher: One who steals something
You natchy comff natcher
by Meg January 01, 2005

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