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A man stands in a circle of people, when he begins to ejaculate, he starts spinning in a circular motion.
When I was ready to ejaculate, I got in the center of all my friends and gave them a dirty swirl.
by MEG August 18, 2003
tawse is actually a whip in scotland, but in this case a dude and computer genius!!!!
eg. tawse is cool, tawse smells, you need tawse for that...
by meg January 20, 2005
When the Buttsignal is in the sky...

Chris has had too many non-prescription drugs again!
"The Buttsignal's in the sky again."

"Oh, fuck, here comes the migraine..."
by Meg March 30, 2004
bitch in russian
teacher: *to student* "detention, now!"
student: *to teacher* "souka!"
teacher: *oblivious of what it means*
by meg October 21, 2003
a person you have never met; a person you do not care about
Quit talking to randoms and get your ass over here!
by Meg January 29, 2005
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