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A situation where one is surrounded by lots of geeks, such as in a science lab. Can also be used to describe a situation where a person is acting in an above averagely geeky manner.
I was at this party with lots of computer scientists and accountants, it was complete geekarama.
by Meera Swami January 24, 2007
A state of really serious dilemma which has far reaching and potentially devastating consequences.
when a friend has really serious BO and you don't know quite how to tell her, or sleeping with 2 men at once, or seeing one of your friends ex-boyfriends and not knowing how to tell her.... an extreme dilemmarama would be a combination of all the above at once!
by Meera Swami January 19, 2007
Baby Jesus in the manger. Can be used as an abbreviation when describing numerous works of religious art and also in the Nativity story. Differentiates between the baby and adult Jesus Just J and is often used in conjunction with the VM
Oh look, another picture with the VM and Baby J.
by Meera Swami January 24, 2007
Someone pretty clueless. Someone so clueless they don't know how many holes they have down under....
She is such a no holer, I can't believe you are even her friend.
by Meera Swami January 24, 2007
A seemingly innocent description for a sordid night of passion. May be accompanied by baking in an attempt to bring some wholesomeness to the whole slutty proceedings, but who knows what happens to all those baking ingredients.... I sure wouldn't want to be eating those cookies....
Why didn't you come home last night? I was at a biscuit party.
by Meera Swami January 24, 2007
Virgin Mary Lover (see VM. Devout Christian or Catholic. May also be used in a semi-ironic manner to describe a religious hypocrite.
Catholic boy is such a total VML, he was going on about how abortion is an essentially selfish act regardless of circumstances
by Meera Swami January 24, 2007
Someone who is ridiculously thin but doesn't think they are. A condition commonly suffered by size zero celebrities such as Nicole Ritchie, Kate Bosworth, Teri Hatcher and the rest of the lollipop lady brigade.
I went dress shopping with her the other day and she thought she looked fat in everything she tried on, I was like, as if, you real skinny malinky.
by Meera Swami January 19, 2007

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