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Vomit My Life. May also be used as VYL (Vomit Your Life)

To be used in a situation of 'FML' but to a more severe extent.
Last night I chundered all over myself in my sleep. VML guys, VML!
by COAB! December 23, 2010
19 3
Varrio Morgan Lomas
VML is a norteno gang in Morgan Hill California.
by 1969GTOconnvertible February 08, 2009
13 11
Virgin Mary Lover (see VM. Devout Christian or Catholic. May also be used in a semi-ironic manner to describe a religious hypocrite.
Catholic boy is such a total VML, he was going on about how abortion is an essentially selfish act regardless of circumstances
by Meera Swami January 24, 2007
6 7