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An individual that is both Jewish and a Democrat.

Jewcrats are exemplified by studious, hardworking professional Jews that clearly transcend the norms of socioeconomic achievement, yet still vote as if they understand the plight of lesser individuals.

This is similar to Democrat politicians and uber-rich people that vote for Democrats, claiming they care about helping the downtrodden.

The ultimate irony is that both Democrats and Jewcrats think that their success is a function of lifting others up, whereas they have achieved great things due to hard work, discipline and motivation. They forgot how hard they had to work to lift themselves to greatness.

Jewcrats and Democrats should step back and ponder the essence of their being. Once they consider their achievements, maybe they should rethink their allegiance to the Democratic party platform. A bit of self-reflection just might realign their sensitivities so they can create a third political party, a Success party. Their example should be shared with all to encourage people to work to their full potential.
Thom, how did it go last night at the game?

It went well Jack. Gary the Jewcrat just cleared seven figures for the year busting his hump at the practice.

Wow Thom, I really admire Gary's ambition in the face of so many difficulties. Though we aren't Jewcrats, I really do appreciate their leadership in inspiring America to help themselves.

Jack, clearly Gary's latino cousin Mo hasn't received the Jewcrat success memo. Apparently the TPS report was lost in the spam folder.

That is a shame Thom. Mo is a good guy but really cannot square away his life until he buckles down and makes some tough decisions.
#jewcrat #seven figures #democrat #success party #orange county
by MeEnergia February 17, 2010
Post-defecation shower utilized to bring back the "full body clean" feeling desired by all.

Occasionally wiping just won't cut it and leaves people feeling dirty. Rather than plugging away, clogging the toilet with TP and chafing your arse, just jump in the shower.
While serving aboard the USS Oklahoma City (SSN 723) and standing ERLL watch, I had to drop a deuce in a bucket.

Once my defecation was complete, I disposed of the deuce in the aft sump and made Rappy pump it to the bilge collection tank. That really stunk up the engine room!

After watch was over, I felt dirty. Suddenly I realized that I should take a Full Body Bidet to restore my desired "Full Body Clean" feeling.
#bidet #poop #military #submarines #deuce #stink #foul #funny
by MeEnergia March 02, 2010
Fuck Off Face

Body language/Non-Verbal communication typically comprised of a harsh glare or look.

Said FOF is usually generated as a response to jokes or criticism.

Typically this face is created by interactions amongst siblings and/or close friends.
Tom, did you see James' FOF?

I sure did Dick, James' has to be the world FOF leader. Taking away his "Yes, Prime Minister" DVD are a guaranteed way to provoke James' FOF.

James has an uparalleled FOF. My friend Nell does come in a close second, but cannot hold the FOF nearly as long as James.

Dick, lets arrange a FOF competition between James and Nell. The world awaits the FOF champion coronation!
#irritated #body language #siblings #passive aggressive #sophistication #joking
by MeEnergia March 09, 2010
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