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Noun: The popped collar on polo shirts. Traits attributed to collar poppers are arrogance and some times delusions of grandeur.

Those flying the douche bag flag are often called assholes or womanizers, and most have trouble running game. Douche bag flaggers wearing pink are flying the flag extra high.
Girl 1: This party's pretty gross. Who's that hottie over there?

Girl 2: Who?

Girl 1: The guy with the faux hawk, aviators, and popped collar?

Girl 2: I can't tell which dude out of the frat pack you're talking about, but they're all douche bag flaggin'. I mean, if you want to get drunk and sleep with an asshole, be my guest, but you'll wake up full of herps and regret.
by McSantos May 18, 2009
Noun: A person that generally conforms to the practice of vegetarianism, but will consume animal products in the company of meat eaters.

This compromise is often born of convenience or social pressure. Male vegetarians may experience lapses into social omnivorism to appear masculine in a testosterone-soaked atmosphere.
Dude 1: The Rangers are killing the Celtics. Fuck my life. You want some pizza?

Dude 2: Sure. Any veggie lover's?

Dude 1: Any nuts in your jocks? We've got pepperoni, Hawaiian, and meat lover's. Wooo!

Dude 2: ... I'll take Hawaiian.

Girl: Haven't you been a veg since you were like, 12?

Dude 1: Bro's a social omnivore.

Dude 2: Go Celtics.
by McSantos May 18, 2009
Noun: The fat obtained from overindulging, typically in alcohol. It is likely the root of the freshman fifteen.

Adjective: Describes general bloating due to partying. Targeted areas include the stomach and cheeks, but long term partying can lead to an overall increase in body fat.
Girl 1: Does this dress look good on me?

Girl 2: ...looks a bit tight.

Girl 1: I wish I could lose my baby fat.

Girl 2: That's not baby fat, that's party fat. Quit going out every night and do some sit-ups, you're starting to look like a fat bitch.
by McSantos April 21, 2009
Noun: A woman, typically in her 20's, that proceeds to commit lesbian acts while in a party situation. Inebriation is a common excuse for party lesbian behavior in generally heterosexual women.
Guy 1: Did you see those chicks making out last night?

Guy 2: Yeah! They're totally party lesbians. Didn't they leave together?

Guy 1: Dude... do you think they scissored?
by McSantos May 01, 2009
Noun: A disorder characterized by uncontrollable attacks of sleep during reading.

Tedious reads such as textbooks, contracts, and emails from your friend about how the ex is still jerking him/her around seven months later often bring on the nodding, blinking, and eventual unconscious state attributed to individuals suffering from this disorder. In severe cases, attacks may occur during good reads.

WARNING: If you fall asleep during common activities such as urinating, driving, and making toast, you may be suffering from narcolepsy or inebriation. Or you could just need more sleep. Please consult a physician before reading further.
College Bro A: Aw man... novelepsy for the lose. Wake up, bro, you're drooling on my anatomy book.

College Bro B: ... What about drooling on your anatomy?

College Bro C: That's what she said.

College Bro A: High five!
by McSantos May 18, 2009

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