7 definitions by McCock, the Crime Dick

1. A woman's period. That time of the month.

2. When you can actually see the leakage through the clothing.
1. You better lay off of Gloria. She's got the Scarlet Punctuation.

2. Yo Jenny. You seem to have finished your sentence with some Scarlet Punctuation there, eh?
by McCock, the Crime Dick August 25, 2006
A peanut butter fold (a piece of bread smeared with peanut butter and then folded in half and then eaten). Named so because it somewhat resembles a dirty diaper.
I yelled at ma to make me a couple of dirty diapers for lunch.
by McCock, the Crime Dick May 12, 2008
Peanut Butter and Onions. The literal description of the smell of a weirdly nasty fart.
I stood outside the elevator and ripped a pretty good PB & O.
by McCock, the Crime Dick June 05, 2006
When you finish taking a crap and you realize about a minute later that you have to go back and crap again.
Oh man, I thought I was done. Now I gotta go refecate.
by McCock, the Crime Dick August 04, 2006
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