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1377 definitions by Matt

A band from El Paso, TX. They were highly successful in the mid-90s underground scene until the single "One Armed Scissor" was released and played quite frequently on MTV in the late 90s. But even during their popularity on MTV, they still stuck to their roots, playing with the same energy as they did when they were still underground and not conforming to the stereotypical MTV egocentric band. They eventually broke up in 2001, but the reason why is still in debate. Some say it's because they didn't want to become mainstream, some say it was artistic differences, and some say it's a mix of the two. Either way, their break up formed two different bands: Sparta, which is similar to At the Drive-In, but not as energetic in my opinion, and The Mars Volta, which is quite different from At the Drive-In and the main reason to support the "artistic differences" reason for the break up.
Damn, I wish I'd seen At the Drive-In live when I had the chance.
by Matt May 12, 2005
Original death metal band from Florida. Featuring Trey Azagthoth on guitar and Pete Sandoval on drums. One of the best bands ever.
Morbid Angel's album Altars of Madness kicks your ass.
by matt September 27, 2006
A quality or state of which aims to hurt others, or get revenge after being hurt by somebodies actions; somebody who always wants the last word.
Chris and I had an argument, I am being vindictive by getting back at him and not talking to him.
by Matt February 18, 2004
There are three types of Green Day fans out there.
1) Older fan: Someone who has been listening to Green Day since the early 90s. GD may not be their favourite band, but it certainly is one of their favourites. Usually doesn't care too much about what you think about them. However, they laugh at the New/American Idiot Fans.
2) Quazi-New fans: These individuals have been listening to Green Day since about when Warning was released. They tend to do a great deal of research on the band to communicate with the Older Fans. Tend to hate the New/American Idiot Fans.
3) New/American Idiot Fans: As the name implies, these are the "fans" who started liking Green Day once American Idiot was released. Their age usually ranges from 11-14, they're most likely mall punk, and they research Green Day to the point of insanity because "OMG Billy Joe iz so HOT!!!11! OMG OMG OMG I WOULD SO FUCK HIM!!" They usually make "sex/story" quizes about the band, claim they know everything about the band based on what they read on Amazon.com, and are insanely obnoxious. See poseur.
I need to use Green Day Fan in the example, so...
1) Yeah, I saw Green Day about 9 years ago and it was intense.
2) I liked Green Day to begin with, but after listening to Kerplunk I love them!
by Matt September 09, 2005
Military term meaning 1 Kilometer.
The DMZ is 20 clicks to the North.
by Matt August 26, 2004
1. See Microsoft
2. To own the world. Often used in the same sentence as Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Bill Gates, America, and George Bush
Microsoft is so huge we might as well give them the world, geez.
by Matt March 14, 2003
Former First Lady who became a Senator (D, New York) who is trying to get on the Democratic ticket for the 2008 presidential election. If she somehow wins the primary and becomes the Democratic candidate, it will be the end of the Democratic party as we know it. This will happen because she will most likely push an extremely liberal, left-wing agenda on par with the political views of Michael Moore or a communist, causing this country to be divided even more than it already is.
Well, so much for the Democratic party. It was a good party, but since Mrs. Clinton got on the ticket, there's no way she can win with the country being as conservative as it is right now.
by Matt March 09, 2005