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1. the most badass radiohead CD ever created. its was their second and best
the bends kicks fucking ass
by matt August 06, 2004
one of the greatest rock bands of all time
and this bird you can not change
by Matt March 18, 2004
Original death metal band from Florida. Featuring Trey Azagthoth on guitar and Pete Sandoval on drums. One of the best bands ever.
Morbid Angel's album Altars of Madness kicks your ass.
by matt September 27, 2006
A band from El Paso, TX. They were highly successful in the mid-90s underground scene until the single "One Armed Scissor" was released and played quite frequently on MTV in the late 90s. But even during their popularity on MTV, they still stuck to their roots, playing with the same energy as they did when they were still underground and not conforming to the stereotypical MTV egocentric band. They eventually broke up in 2001, but the reason why is still in debate. Some say it's because they didn't want to become mainstream, some say it was artistic differences, and some say it's a mix of the two. Either way, their break up formed two different bands: Sparta, which is similar to At the Drive-In, but not as energetic in my opinion, and The Mars Volta, which is quite different from At the Drive-In and the main reason to support the "artistic differences" reason for the break up.
Damn, I wish I'd seen At the Drive-In live when I had the chance.
by Matt May 12, 2005
The male reproductive organs used in fucking.
Can I suck your cock?
Sure, Peter. We're both fuckin homos.
Hey, I'm no fuckin homo. I just have a fuckin pussy!
by matt August 27, 2003
1 stupid jack ass/ moron
2 inserting penis into anus
3 useless insault to put others down
hey you stupid assfuck, come here assfuck, fuck you assfuck
by matt July 08, 2004
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