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To ruin something really good at your own sacrifice. To drive your metaphorical plane into that metaphorical church.
Jerry: "Dude I hooked up with Sally last night while she was drunk and now her and Ben are broken up!"

Matt: "Way to Jap that Church."
by Matt Evening November 05, 2007
The best fucking sport ever invented.
The sport were you circle around the neighbeourhood on an ATV with a harpoon/ shotgun mercilussly hunting any fat kid you may see. This is called Urban fat kid hunting.

Rural fat kid hunting is when you leave a peice of cake in the woods then leave for an hour then come back on an ATv and a shotgun, by then all the fat kids within 500 nautical miles will have picked up the cake's scent and will be wanderng through the woods. Rural fat kid hunting makes for a damn good huntin.
Come on Jim if we don't go fat kid hunting now the fat kids i'll eat each other fighting over the cake, and that doesn't make for damn good huntin'.
by Matt Evening May 10, 2007
After spending 10 days eating nothing but sweaty cheese, old cracker,granola, pinecones, dried fruit, and raw lake water and not taking a shit, its whats gonna coe out ur ass.
MAN! I have to shit like a wildebeast.
*5 hours later*
Wow I realy did shit like a wildebeast he remarks as he looks at the strangely coloured mound of shihe left for some guy to stepp in, in the middle of the forest
by Matt Evening May 10, 2007
To be majorly shanked
I just shanked that guy, looks back. That is some major shankage
by Matt Evening March 27, 2007
To fire a pistol at a target from any range (prefferably in the face)is refered to as a pistol pop aslong as you only use 1- 6 shots.
I was walking down the street when i saw that guy I hate, you know the guy. So i drew my pistol and pistol popped him
by Matt Evening March 20, 2007
To take something interesting or average and make it 15.7 times smarter. Also to take somethign cool and make it nerdy
Damn Ying- Wa totally asianized that soccer game
by Matt Evening March 30, 2007
In a public washroom when you are taking a shit and you begin a conversation with the person in the stall next to you.
Slightly Gay Friend: Wanna palace?

You: Hell ya

Slightly Gay Friend: So what's your favorite movie? (whilst palacing)
by Matt Evening April 24, 2009

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