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1/Insult; To request that someone leave, go away, retreat, begone. 2/To refute. 3/Used to ephasise size or import.
"You can fusk off, going on about that shit again. I've got a big fuck off plate of lasagne to get through."
by Marzipan March 26, 2003
Male organ; penis
"He pushed his filthy spam dagger deep into her fanjita"
by Marzipan March 26, 2003
The female vagina, fanny,flange, minge, quim.
"I would like to kiss her fanjita."
by Marzipan March 26, 2003
To perform oral sex on a woman; going down on; lapping out.
"My neck aches after all that clam noshing last night."
by Marzipan March 26, 2003
Sarcastic; letting someone know that they do not affect you, they do not intimidate you.
"Soz Rock, forgot you was hard. forgot you was real concrete. lets all be like you. Giz you."
by Marzipan March 26, 2003
As in " I think its those ninjas"; finely honed deduction; a proclamation of the usual suspects.
"I think its those ninjas"
"Well, i agree it must be the ninjas again."
by Marzipan March 26, 2003
Grumbles of the stomach; can be associated with runny botty.
"That curry has led to borborygms arising in my stomach"
by Marzipan December 23, 2003

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