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How ignorant retards spell Yin Yang.
lol guize check out daht kool cymbol it sa ying yang LOOOOL!!
by Martin K January 25, 2008
A terrorist that won.
Iraqis attacking Americans in Iraq are terrorists.
Americans attacking English in America are freedom fighters.
by Martin K November 10, 2007
A person playing a game will sometimes perspire if he is particularly anxious, immersed and concentrated. The product of this is called noob sweat, as a player highly routined in the game is less likely to do this. Genres often inspiring noob sweat are FPS and RTS.
Hey G-Dalf, we can smell your noob sweat!
by Martin K January 08, 2008
Danish word meaning "I am a stupid norwegian, please ridicule my appearance and personality."
Norweginan: Kamelåså!
Dane: Your clothes smell and you need swift pedal attacks to your backside.
by Martin K November 21, 2007

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