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Latino English and Spanglish

1) Derogatory term; crude word for a gay man used by straight men and women to insult gay men or to question the masculinity of straight men. Comparable to faggot. 2) A crude word for transvestites, comparable to tranny but more rude. 3) Affectionate term of address used by certain gay men to address other gay men, often in jest. 4) Term of address used by many South American girls, especially Chileans, to address one another.
"Loser you a maricón."
"Mis amigas me dijeron que they saw you making out wit a guy, they said you a maricón!" (My girlfriends told me they saw...)
"Voy a mirar unas maricónes con mi novia nueva, I didn't wanna go but she likes that kind of thing you know" (I'm going to go watch a drag show with my new girlfriend, I didn't...)
"Yo te digo que all men are cholos, maricón" (I tell you, all men are cholos, -.)
"Hola maricón que pasa"
by Mark Williamson June 15, 2006
"but", used in Latino English and Spanglish. It used to only be used in Spanglish, but now it is sometimes used by people who don't speak Spanish. The Latino English word comes from Spanish. Also in Pinoy English and Taglish.
"I think I liked her pero somebody tell me she ain't nothin but a mentirosa."
"I will explain you pero I said I'll keep him a secret."
"Pues no sé cual día fuiste pero I prolly wasn't workin." (Well I don't know what day you came in but I...)
by Mark Williamson November 05, 2006
Stands for Sticking Leeches On Myself.

Originated from an "Above the Influence" that showed kids discussing the then-fictional activity with the intention to illustrate the power of peer pressure to make people do things they would otherwise think were ridiculous.

Ironically since the commercials started airing some have actually tried the activity and it has become minorly popular in some circles.

Some kids may actually enjoy it, others presumably do it because their friends do it, while others do it to make a statement ("I choose what I do with my own body, no matter how strange it may seem to you").

Slomming is not illegal. However, it does not provide any sort of high. Leeches suck your blood, so extensive slomming may cause fatigue. No deaths or comas from slomming have been reported yet. However, it seems only a matter of time before someone takes slomming to the next level by jumping into leech-infested waters, which can be deadly if an individual is intoxicated as leeches swarm to people with high blood-alcohol content, sometimes resulting in complete exsanguination.
1. Hey dude did you see that commercial with the leeches? That looked sick, huh? Mike got some leeches and we were gonna try it tonight. It's called "slomming".
2. Jess sloms alot, you can tell because of the marks all over. Gross, huh?
3. The slom commercial is so fucking funny man, I'll bet they never thought anyone would actually try that shit.
4. Hey gurl, we all goin' "slomming" tonight, wanna come with? I heard it make a lose weight, I wanna fit my swimsuit for the party Thursday.
by Mark Williamson March 15, 2007
Liaress, lying woman, skeezer. Used in Latino English and Spanglish, from Spanish.
"Girl, you ain't nothin but a mentirosa"
"Hombre let me tell you, stay away from her, she a straight mentirosa"
"Mamí, I tell him straight up que le engañarás cuz you a mentirosa." (Girl, I tell him straight up that you will cheat on him cuz you a -.)
"Wey I tell you que todas las mujeres son mentirosas." (Bro I told you that all women are -.)
by Mark Williamson November 05, 2006
A liar, especially a man. Used in Latino English and Spanglish, from Spanish.
"Get out papí I ain't gon make love to no mentiroso"
"Maricon te digo que no debes salir con él cuz he a mentiroso" (Bro I am telling you not to go out with him cuz he a -.)
"Mamí no te voy a engañar, crees que I'm a mentiroso or somethin?" (Girl, I'm not going to cheat on you, do you think I'm a liar or something?)
by Mark Williamson June 15, 2006
Van Buren is the red-light district of Phoenix, Arizona.

When people talk about "Van Buren" in this sense, they are usually referring to the stretch of Van Buren St. east of Central Ave. before the road becomes Mill Ave. at Papago Park.

The nature of the area is made more obvious by the overabundance of cheap motels. Most residents of the Valley of the Sun as well as many other Arizona residents know of the reputation of the street.

It's also commonly used in jokes.
Wanda: I have to leave for work now.
Jake: Down on Van Buren, right?
Wanda: No, that's my night job.

Jessica: You're pretty ugly
Jose: That's not your mom was saying last night at Van Buren.

Maria: My new house is on Van Buren.
Justine: Oh, neat, now you can visit your mom while she's at work!
by Mark Williamson July 15, 2006
Spanish, from chupar, "to suck"

1. A sucker candy or a pacifier
2. A hickey
Un chupon puede ser una forma util de cumplir las necesidades emocionales de los ninos. ("A pacifier can be a useful way to fulfill the emotional needs of children")

Tengo la carne y tengo el sazon, podemos jugar pero no dejes el chupon ("I have the meat and I have the flavor, we can play but don't leave hickeys", from a pitbull song)
by Mark Williamson December 04, 2007
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