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A category of language that is mixed with Tagalog and English. Most often used by Filipino people that have forgotten how to speak Tagalog. They mix the Tagalog words up with their English sentences.
"Kamusta. What are you going to be doing ngayong araw?"
by Elmer January 20, 2005
combination of tagalog and english language; is usually use by people who forget some big tagalog vocabularies such as: bighani, dismaya, aburido
mukhang aburido nanaman si pepe
taglish: mukhang "bored" nanaman si pepe.
by darl December 21, 2006
a really annoying way to talk, usually used by the filipino nouveau riche beacuse they think it's cool
what am i going to do? my cell phone is nasira! it was umuulan kasi, and then it got basa. it's über nakakainis.
by sager April 06, 2005
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