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there was a guy named Maric, and he was so lame that his name became a synonym for: pathetic, lame, smelly, poor, bad, unfair, etc... Today most people who use this word, have forgotten why this word was made, they just use it, even in Maric's presence, not aware of it... It has become so common to use that word that it is used in almost all cases.
Damn it, I lost! MARIC!
This movie is so maric...(note that I'm not using capital letters cause it's no longer a name)
You cheated!! You're such a maric...
-Hey, my gf just dumped me....-Man....I'm sorry....just....maric. (or "Maric man, maric")
Oh yeah? Wanna throw insults? You're a Maric you motherfucker!
(when you are really angry yell this) MARRRRRRIIIIIC
by lukasyu March 04, 2011
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