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An avid follower of all things Joey Deacon, an elderly spastic who touched the hearts of all schoolkids during the early to mid 1980s. He brought a whole new vocab complete with hand and optional tongue actions into the playground.
His execution of the shoulder-bite coupled with 'spaz arms' was textbook. A pure Deakonian.
by Mark D December 15, 2004
(n.) 1. The being of negro decent.
(v.) 1. An act of negro-ness which commends the shouting of "FREK NAZ'T!"
1. R.D. makes nasty faces and puts his hands in food. Mark and Charlie scream "Freak Nasty!"
2. Mark Davis and Dan Funk try to be of negro decent my yelling in ebonics, hooting, and waving/flashing body parts. Mark/Charlie in unison reply with a "FREAK NASTY!"
by Mark D January 02, 2005
on, to mean the time when our female counterparts become a ferocious member of the animal kingdom. It usually results in the male being unable to do anything correct, and being told so in a blunt and harsh manner.
Woman: Would u clean them damn plates.
Man: It ok, shes just on
by Mark D June 14, 2004
The word "fucktard" means the same thing as using "retard" in a derogatory (as opposed to merely descriptive) manner. But whereas "retard" has the connotation of an insult to people with an unfortunate medical condition, the word "fucktard" makes it clear that it's a lifestyle choice.
Even though the parking lot was packed, some fucktard had parked his new car across two parking spaces.
by Mark D April 09, 2004
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