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(1)The launching of a load of semen, from a hotel balcony onto the unsuspecting sunbathers at the pool below.

(2)Also may be called a salty bird when a partner goes down to the ground level and waits with mouth open to receive the "meal", such as a baby bird would do.

OPTIONAL: Bird calls may be given before or during ejaculation to signal the event. Preferrably a loud crow like "KA KAW" to draw attention upward.
Dude, what a great pool party yesterday. I flew a salty bird onto that new hottie next door from Dave's balcony up on four.

Hey man, me and my girl stayed in some fancy hotel last weekend for her birthday. She got so hammered, she let me launch a salty bird to her from our patio.
by Manthorn March 03, 2009
The name for your magic cock when he performs a disappearing act inside a vagina.
Watch closely as The Great Peedini performs his greatest trick !!
by Manthorn March 04, 2009
1. The act of getting laid for a job well done. To receive sex, in leu of a gift or card.
When I got home from work last night, my wife cuntgratulated me on my promotion.

by Manthorn March 04, 2009
Something that is so stupid and unbelievable, that it's beyond ridiculous, leaving you with the feeling that you've just been fucked up the ass by stupidity.
Sam: Did you see where that guy won a $10 million lawsuit for spilling hot coffee on his scrote ?

Rob: Yeah, that's ridicked up the buttulous.

by Manthorn March 04, 2009
The leftover semen from the person before, that is still on the stretched out pussy lips Arby's Roast Beef of the slut you just banged.
I didn't notice she already had horsie sauce on her Arby's roast beef.
by Manthorn March 04, 2009
The feeling that you are cumming so hard, that you are about to blow your skeleton out of your body.
I came so hard, I thought I had a coregasm, but I looked and didn't see any bones on the floor.
by Manthorn March 04, 2009
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