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95 definitions by MagickDio

Any sexual act in which ejaculation is achieved within seconds.
"I've been wanting to fuck him for months. I wouldn't have wasted my time if I'd known it was gonna be a bloody quick- fire round"

"Last night, I was so horny from browsing online porn, I had to wake the missus up for a quick-fire round"

"I only had a few minutes to knock one off the wrist before my mum came home. Bit of a quick-fire round"
by MagickDio February 04, 2010
23 3
The process by which a normal situation is made into a more homosexual one.

A bloke who meets his guy mates down the pub to watch football and get rowdy but ends up getting them to talk about feelings and give advice has successfully managed to gay the evening right up.

A girl who meets her girlie mates down the pub to talk about feelings and give advice but ends up getting them to watch football and get rowdy has just managed to gay the evening right the fuck up.
guy- "We're not going to the Red Lion, that's Rory's local. Last time we went in there, he had us giving him advice on jeans, remember? This is gonna be a good night, as long as we don't let anyone gay it up"

girl- "Is Julie coming? I don't want another evening gayed up because she wants to watch fuckin'shit utd play"
by MagickDio May 13, 2010
22 3
1) When you slink off to secretly have sex with someone you shouldn't. Usually because you or they are in a relationship. Someone who stealth fucks is usually a stealthy fucker, and you can recognise them by the fact that they melt into shadows and you don't see them for hours.

2) When either or both parties are unsure if penetration has occured; a situation that only occurs with very loose women or very small men. Will always occur when the two are put together. Stealth fucking of this kind is often coupled with the question- "Is it in yet?"
1) "Jake's gone again! He was just here! Call his mobile. What? Switched off, eh? Bet he's gone off for a stealth fuck"

2) "Julie needs to tone up. I'm not satisfied with this stealth fucking nonsense"
by MagickDio March 02, 2010
29 10
Like cock blocked, but for ladies. When something's coming at you, it can be blocked....hence cock blocking. When something is denied access, it's locked out, hence pussy locking. It's a frustrating state, because it's imposed by others.

Male BFF's are usually the biggest culprits for pussy locking their female friends, because they secretly fancy them, and don't want them fucking anyone else but them. Ex boyfriends can also create a pretty unbreakable pussy lock if you happen to be partying in the same venue.
"Hey Suze, great night last night wasn't it?"
"No, it wasn't. You kept pussy locking me! I never cock block you! Why do you keep doing this to me?"
"Because I love you......."
(shocked look of absolute disgust)
"........as a friend."
by MagickDio April 24, 2010
20 3
Cum that was expelled through masturbation, ie- "Jacking", and has not been cleaned up, allowing it to go shiny and slightly crisp, like cake frosting.

Typically found in teenagers bedrooms, although fully grown men that have wank addictions have been known to jack frost their carpet on a regular basis.
Danielle thought she had hit the jackpot with Steven. He was kind, considerate, and seemed to be very house proud. She relaxed happily on the sofa, thinking about how great her relationship was- until she noticed the Jack Frosting on one of the cushions.
by MagickDio April 23, 2010
30 13
When you've been dying for a piss for ages but have had to hold it in due to being in a crowded bar/talked to/nowhere near a toilet or shop doorway, the eventual act of urination can only be described as Weejaculation. Not only because of the speed that the fluid exits ones body, but because of the sensation produced. Makes people say "ahhhhhhhhhhhh" with their eyes closed and their head tilted back in sheer ecstacy.
"I've been in this toilet queue for 20 minutes, it's just gonna be weejaculation when I get in there."
by MagickDio March 04, 2010
19 2
1) David Dickinson, and Tim Wonnacott- those dicks from the TV show, Bargain Hunt. The fact that they are the king twats of daytime television, and that they presents a show called Bargain Hunt earns them each the title "Bargain Cunt"

2) A cheap hooker- probably all the cheaper because she has syphillis.
1) "Urgh, change the channel to Fern and Phillip, those Bargain Cunts make me angry with their ridiculous "fun frame" glasses"

2) "So the GUM clinic called and said I have herpes. I knew I shouldn't have settled for Bargain Cunt"
by MagickDio February 26, 2010
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