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A group of religious dudes, that want you to cut off your balls.
C'mon, cut off your balls, we all did it!
by MagicDonJuan November 23, 2003
A great place to tie up people, and hold them hostage, and rape them, and feed them crackers, and laugh at them.
Here, have a cracker! Ha, ha, ha!
by MagicDonJuan November 21, 2003
You get man boobs when you eat a lot of food. Then you become fat, then all of a sudden PFFFFT!!! Man boobs.
Holy crap! Those are some big man boobs!
by MagicDonJuan December 31, 2003
Something you put on your girl so other guys can not see her breasts.
He makes me wear turtle neck sweatshirts all of the time, I can't even wear what I want!
by MagicDonJuan November 21, 2003
When you hold a person, or item for ransom, or just for fun.
Cop: Magic, we know you are in there, release the hostages.
Magic: What hostages!?
by MagicDonJuan November 23, 2003
A common word used in Xenon on that Disney show. I heard it, and I could not stop laughing. It's definitely a sexual enuendo.
Zeetisapeetis Xenon! I like to make up stupid words!
by MagicDonJuan November 23, 2003
really pissed... like as pissed as you can get.
I am so superpissed... I swear if I get any more pissed, I'll commit suicide right now.
by MagicDonJuan November 28, 2004
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