14 definitions by MagicDonJuan

The worst possible way to die...
Dude... If you don't stop, I'll fucking spoon you to death.
by MagicDonJuan November 28, 2004
means nothing... funny to say i guess
what the fuck?! quawdock!
by MagicDonJuan November 28, 2004
Horrible... worse than nasty
Magic: I just stuck my penis into that tree!
Jenna Jameson: You are so NAST!!!
Magic: Am I?!?!? (in a sexual tone)
Jenna Jameson: Ohhh Magic... stop that, ohh... uhhh... awww now there's nast all over my face.
by MagicDonJuan November 28, 2004
a word that means ass... used to mock nerds
Lick on my maldorf.. ohhhhh yeah
by MagicDonJuan November 28, 2004
the end result of me and my friends cursing at each other so many times that it sounds like this.
Magic: What the fuck is wrong with you?
Friend: What the fuck's wrong with you, bitch ho?!
Magic: you stupid fugger
Friend: Fugg you?!
Magic: why don't you fuggin shit yashelf in yo fuggin panz fuggin fugger
Friend: yea... fugg you!!!!!!
by MagicDonJuan November 28, 2004
A person with a disease
uhh... YOU!
by MagicDonJuan November 15, 2003
A more fun way to commit suicide...

First, gouge your eyes out with an ice-cream scooper. Then replace them with cadbury eggs, because everybody loves cadbury eggs.
Magic: Oh my god!??!?! I can't believe that grandpa killed himself!!!
Grandma: I know, it is horrible
Magic: Cadbury eggs?!?!? Fuck yea grandpa, you are awesome!!!

(Grandma crying in the back)
by MagicDonJuan November 28, 2004

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