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the french word for vagina.
J'aime le vagin!
trans. "I love vagina!"
by Mac Daddy Kings May 12, 2003
1.Men racing for 26.2 miles while trying to jizz as much as possible.

2. Racing rockets powered by jizz.

3. Jerking off with a group of guys to see whose jizz goes the furthest
1. Man, that masturbathon was crazy...how the hell can they endure all that?

2. "That looks like a giant..." "Wang! Pay attention!...I was distracted by an enormous flying..."

3. Main...dat boy shot 30 feet at the masturbathon
by Mac Daddy Kings May 12, 2003
french for: dick, tallywacker, shlong, peter, etc.
Je suis l'homme avec le plus grand verge du monde!
by Mac Daddy Kings May 12, 2003
The cross between a Mizug and a Dreamcast.
Sheeyit, I dun whooped yo ass on dis Mizast!
by Mac Daddy Kings July 02, 2003
Frequently overrated dump.
1: "Man, my car broke down today, they said it was supposed to last me at least 1000 miles"
2: "Is it a Ford?"
by Mac Daddy Kings May 12, 2003
1 a.Its when your wang gets hard.
b.This is also when its at its longest
2. the result of seeing a fine woman.
3. the state of standing at attention
1a. Man, my wang feels like wood.
b. Dayum...my ruler isn't long enough.
2. w00t. *shwing, shlong erects*
3. Unit, ATTENTION! *command voice*
by Mac Daddy Kings May 12, 2003
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