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How Borat say vagina

Borat: She had a very nice vagin
by Jo Mama is hawt February 11, 2007
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the french word for vagina.
J'aime le vagin!
trans. "I love vagina!"
by Mac Daddy Kings May 12, 2003 Borat says vagina
"Her vagin began to hang low like a wizards sleeve"
by Dantheaxeman June 13, 2007
A person that has not has vaginal intercourse yet, but has had oral/anal sex.
Kids today are stupid vagins, they think they are all pure and shit, but have had oral/anal sex. Stupid vagins.
by vhunterd September 16, 2007
The act of a woman presenting her vagina to a man for observational purposes only. Must last only 10 seconds time.
Man: Emily and I were vagin last night
Friend: Yeah, how was it?
Man: Best 10 seconds of my life
by BrilliantMeisner April 17, 2012
A virgin who has done everything but had vaginal intercourse. She has gone to all bases except home run, so to speak.
Clara's a vagin, so she'll still give you a blow job even if she won't let you actually "IN".
by Ramadan08 October 25, 2010
A feminine man.
That guy with the penny loafers is a vagin.
by bebo April 08, 2003

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