193 definitions by MOCO & P-Phat

The act of flicking the clit with your tongue or finger in order to arouse a broad
Ron Jeremy is a virtuoso with the clit flick!
by MOCO & P-Phat May 28, 2007
Phrase yelled at a tool (a person pissing you off)
Adrien: I no like Americans (in a French accent).

P-Phat: Adrien, Go Suck A Dick!
by MOCO & P-Phat May 28, 2009
In today's world, anyone can make up a holiday (i.e., Kwanzaa).

It has thus been declared that from this day on, April 2 will be known as National Jerk Off Day. Males of all ages should beat off on this day to their dick’s content! (Just because they can)
My African friend tells me that Kwanzaa is fake, but he believes in National Jerk Off Day!
by MOCO & P-Phat February 11, 2009
While having gone balls deep into a pussy, a guy tucks his balls into her pussy too
MOCO went Beyond Balls Deep into Colleen on Sunday!
by MOCO & P-Phat February 11, 2008
The belief that Black men have the largest dicks
Jessica: I rode P-Phat's huge white hobby horse last night!

Lisa: And?

Jessica: There is definitely a Black Myth; P-Phat's dick was much bigger than my black ex's!
by MOCO & P-Phat May 28, 2008
The smell coming out of the mouth of a guy who has just eaten out a broad's pussy
P-Phat: Hey bro!

MOCO: Hey man!

P-Phat: Dude nice pussy-breath!!!

MOCO: Thanks; I just ate out the nicest pussy ever!!!
by MOCO & P-Phat February 11, 2009
Pussy, twat, cunt, beaver, vagina

( ) = labia majora
{ } = labia minora
• = clit
All straight guys love ({•}) !!!
by MOCO & P-Phat February 11, 2009
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