Top Definition
A dick that has just been inside a pussy

The Twinkie (dick) goes into the pussy and in so doing gets stinkie (covered with scented pussy juice)

(Twinkie because a guy's dick resembles a Twinkie - both are oblong and are filled with white cream; stinkie because the pussy has a certain type of odor and wetness)

P-Phat truly needs a Stinkie Twinkie!
by MOCO & P-Phat February 11, 2009
a sexual act in which a man inserts his penis into his partner's anus, cums on his partner's tongue, and is subsequently blown clean by partner (see also: blowjob)
The fecophiliac favored the Stinkie Twinkie because the taste of poo butt sexually aroused her.

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