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FrankerZ is a popular chat icon in TwitchTV chat streams. Typing FrankerZ will post a dog face. This icon has become popular among the speedrunning community. People post FrankerZ to mean a joke, sarcasm, or just to post FrankerZ. There is also a popular song based of FrankerZ that consists of a lyrics that are 90% filled with the word "FrankerZ"
User 1: That jump was boss
Broadcaster: Totally FrankerZ
User 2: That jump was terrible, what are you talking about?
by MHFsilver March 24, 2013
Getting the least amount of items in a game during a speed run and still beating the game.
Low% in Super Mario 64 would be 0 stars and beat final Bowser
by MHFsilver June 24, 2013
Going through a world or an entire video game without using any warp areas or warp cheats.
Beat Super Mario Bros warpless.
by MHFsilver December 15, 2012

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