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The material that is pushed out by the tummy through the esophagus and mouth when the tummy is angry like a defiant baby and doesn't want you to screw with it.
Man: I have to vomit. It'll get messy.

Woman: I have a fetish for vomit. We'll get messy together.
by MGN February 20, 2009
A Disney band of three brothers who are closet homosexuals with tights pants and straightened hair. They produce stiflingly generic music, yet seem to have the impression that they're unique. Their voices are nasally and they moan and groan with every word. Their fans are abominable preteen girls with no taste in music, who scream their braces off whenever one of their songs come on in mall stores. All three of the boys - Nick, Joe, and Kevin - are hopelessly fugly with as much hair on their brows as a gorilla has on its back. I'd rather listen and stare at a gorilla than these douchebags.
Girl: *Gasp!* The Jonas Brothers are so cuuuuuuuute!!! Look at Nick and Joe, oh they're so hot. They make the best music!! They're so unique and amazing and hot and cute and hot and they're just SO talented..."

Man: GAH!! Shut the fuck UP, would you?!
by MGN February 22, 2009
Atheism is the disbelief of the existence of a god or gods in any religion. Often confused with Satanism by bigoted Christians.
Atheism: Prove God exists.

Christianity: Prove he doesn't!

Atheism: Prove the Flying Spaghetti Monster doesn't.

Christianity: ...

Atheism: That's what I thought.
by MGN February 26, 2009
A common internet slang abbreviation of "Oh my God" used almost strictly among teenage girls or teenage boys who are commonly called a faggot. Most agree that it is terribly obnoxious and overused. It may be used to express surprise, anger, outrage, exasperation, delight, fright, shock, fascination; it can express any emotion, really. Anyone who uses the phrase off the internet (In real life) should be shunned from society.
Example one - On Internet:

Tween girl 1: omg!!!! did u see dis video of da poor cows being slauhgterd?

Tween girl 2: omg!! omg!! no!! show it 2 me! i HAVE 2 see dis!!

Example 2 - Off Internet:

Tween girl 1: OMG. I love your shirt.

Tween girl 2: Thank you!

Society: Shun those pitiful children!
by MGN February 20, 2009
Abbreviation for "Ku Klux Klan," an organization assembled down south after the Civil War. Almost all of the members are rednecks who, when they aren't getting shit-faced drunk, hate on people different from them. They are half-retarded, (If not fully retarded) inarticulate assholes who cause unnecessary stress to society. They are mostly known for their message of white supremacy. They also dress in ridiculous uniforms that inculde tall, pointy hoods/masks. They gather for traditional jerk circles and chant incoherent, racist messages while downing bottles and bottles of whisky.
KKK member: WHITE POWER!!!

Man: Shut up, no one wants to hear your crap. We've got more important things to worry about.
by MGN February 21, 2009
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