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M-80's dopest MC that you ain't never see // Coz when you mess with the best we put you to rest // Go ahead and start shit Straight 7 you aint goin to heaven // Hell, I download you like tylenol shoulda called yo'selves Penis Patrol
Object of Big Tasty's affection, partners of passionate sex, place to put my erection.
by MG January 04, 2004
Steward of the Pie Thrown
mindgames watches over the pie kingdom, waiting for the glorious return of milomask.
by mg March 13, 2005
Thought to originate from Michael Grundy,the coolest cat to ever walk the earth, meaning sublime and the most ultimate form of cool one can find
man, he sure can dance grundy!
by MG September 25, 2003
Liking the appearance of both sexes
I like being bi - i get my cake and i eat it too
by mg January 22, 2005
A type of music that arose in the mid to late 1960s largely through the influence of hallucunogic drugs such as LSD-25 and suchlike. Pioneers of this musical style included the Beatles, with their most psychadelic works including "Tomorrow Never Knows," one of the first real songs of this musical genre in 1966 as the last song on the largely conventional "Revolver" album. Other bands to embrace this new style include Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane, the Grateful Dead, the Doors and countless others. It was with the release of the Beatles 1967 LP Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band that bands began to experiment with new music, now that the rules had been broken forever....
The Acid-soaked piano sound on Pink Floyd's "See Emily Play" is one of the greatestpsychadelic works to date
by MG October 28, 2003
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