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From an article "I Have No Words & I Must Design", published in 1994 in Interactive Fantasy #2, a British roleplaying journal.
I offer this term in an effort to destroy the inane, and overhyped, word "interactive."

The future, we are told, will be interactive. You might as well say, "The future will be fnurglewitz." It would be about as enlightening.
by MASiR January 13, 2004
an International Christian day for Hypocriticism, and a day free from work ..
Let's just, for ONCE a year, pretend we all love and care for eachother ..
by MASiR January 14, 2004
(Been) shot in the head, for use in computergames.
gun *pow*
1337C0UN73R57R!K3R's head *snokk*
1337C0UN73R57R!K3R "garghl"
Arf HEADSHOT! .. Jou've been JFK'd!
by MASiR January 14, 2004
Rolling Over The Floor, Laughing My Ass Off, While Peeing In My Pants
<StupidGringo> Do you speak Dutch in Dutchland?
<Dutchy> OMG WTF idiot gringo ROTFLMAOWPIMP
by MASiR January 13, 2004
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