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149 definitions by M

An exclamation hilighting the stupidity or lack of logic of a preceeding statement.
"I ate three cockroaches."
"What? Who does that?"
by M December 24, 2004
91 12
I was so chapped when she threw that martini at me.
by M November 04, 2003
147 71
one who denies any involvment in drunken activities
Dude, he's meyering the whole party
by m May 22, 2004
125 52
Giving someone a hand job. Most likly a man.
Damn, did you get a toss off last night?
by M January 20, 2004
177 106
good food..usually has cheese and meat.
make me a sandwhich bitch!
by m March 25, 2005
115 53
The Farsi language word for penis. Used as a "code word" among friends.
I have a big dool.
by M September 18, 2003
94 33
Mat Devine is the coolest guy ever. He has the best taste in music and the best style.Kill Hannah Rocks!!! I cant wait to see them next month. I think im inlove.
by M October 17, 2003
82 22