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An exclamation hilighting the stupidity or lack of logic of a preceeding statement.
"I ate three cockroaches."
"What? Who does that?"
by M December 24, 2004
when a lesbian is wearing a strap on dildo while out on the town or doing errands.
I met her at the lesbian bar, looked down at her crotch, saw a huge bulge, YEP she's packing!
by M March 16, 2004
Slang term used in place of the city named, Spokane, located in North East Washington.

Spocompton is an attempt to make an all white, bitch made city, sound tough, when in fact you just have a bunch of pussy ass middle aged white people who are too big of pansies to live in a real city, but want that "diverse" and "urban" feel to their lives. The worst part of it all is the young inhabitants of Spokane, or Spocompton, seem to think that their city is actually hardcore, when in fact they're all about as hard and big as an 95 year old's penis immersed in ice water (no offense to any 95 year old's).
"Yeah yeah, we's goin down to SPOCOMPTON to score some of that funky shit, yeah yeah."
"You're a fucking dumbass."
by M January 31, 2005
one who denies any involvment in drunken activities
Dude, he's meyering the whole party
by m May 22, 2004
The Farsi language word for penis. Used as a "code word" among friends.
I have a big dool.
by M September 18, 2003
good food..usually has cheese and meat.
make me a sandwhich bitch!
by m March 25, 2005
Mat Devine is the coolest guy ever. He has the best taste in music and the best style.Kill Hannah Rocks!!! I cant wait to see them next month. I think im inlove.
by M October 17, 2003

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