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Usually followed by the word "Cool". Slinkster is a adverb to replace "Really".
Boy oh boy, I can make constilations out of my pimples. This is slinkster cool.
by Lyv February 24, 2003
Simply saying "Hey whats up" by using the awesome cool slang of today..."Hey homie what is the dill?". But COMBINED!
Fred: Homedill Pete
Pete: Homedill.
by lyv June 03, 2004
A cute little small cute thing :)
That yoybob wont let go of his thumb.
by Lyv February 24, 2003
when a gay guy gets mean
Ahh, when Almarsio through a cat fight at lucnh, it was like Pepe Gone Bad
by Lyv February 24, 2003
A three legged fudge packer
The fagpod commited sodomy on that testosterone-consisting deer.
by Lyv March 11, 2003
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