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The German word for Germany. Germany was originally going to be named something closer to Deutschland other than how it is until some asshole had to fuck it all up.
German: Deutschland
English: Germany
by Lynx_User58 July 21, 2005
A word to replace "I'm leaving" or "I'm going to go".
'Ey yo, my momma's callin', I'm outtie.

Translation: Oh, my mother is calling, I need to go.
by Lynx_User58 July 21, 2005
A state that isn't half as bad as people make it sound. Sure, they have their rednecks, but that only fills a eleventh of the state's popularity. Sioux Falls is probably the most civilized part of SF.
South Dakota is not a hick state.
by Lynx_User58 August 01, 2005
And 8-bit OS (operating system) that was one of the first to accomplish connection to the internet, the web browser either being or being similar to Lynx . It is very similar to the Apple II computer from the 80's and 90's, but Contiki can be downloaded from various websites. The most common use for this OS is for web browsing(text) and for old-school gaming.
I installed Contiki onto one of my old computers today. It's like a computer from the past.
by Lynx_User58 May 30, 2005
A commonly used word by Wiccans. A cowan is one who does not follow the religion of Wicca, in other words, they are not Wiccan.
Tom is not wiccan, therefore he is a cowan.
by Lynx_User58 June 05, 2005
A live cd based on FreeBSD that boots off of the disk and doesn't touch touch your HD.
FreeSBIE is nearly the same as any other BSD release, but it doesn't need an installation.
by Lynx_User58 August 08, 2005
Commonly known as just 'Hitler'. He brought Germany out of a great depression, but after his fall it was pulled back down into an even worse depression. He ordered the death of millions of jews. He got many Germans to agree with his plans by speaking of negative facts about the jews, such as their commonly working for banks or other money-based jobs. He brought along the Nazi party, which is now made a fool of by being changed to a white pride group, rather than an anti-judaism group. Adolf Hitler supposedly commit suicide by taking a poison pill and then putting a handgun to his forehead an pulling the trigger. Russians later bragged about having a piece of his skull, but not enough to prove that his suicide attempt was successful, and to back this up, there is the fact that the poison didn't kill him and the shot to the head was likely to have only scratched his brain, meaning he is possibly still alive today.
Adolf Hitler was a very powerful dictator of mother Germany, which is now an often discriminated country because of all of the negative aspects of Hitler.
by Lynx_User58 August 01, 2005
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