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An :OS: (operating system) based on :FreeBSD: that is downloaded as an ISO image and burnt onto a disk, and from there you have a BSD live disk that boots from the disk, without even touching your hard drive.
A: I can't find a BSD that I can try for the first time.
B: Get FreeBSIE.
by Lynx_User58 July 26, 2005
And 8-bit OS (operating system) that was one of the first to accomplish connection to the internet, the web browser either being or being similar to Lynx . It is very similar to the Apple II computer from the 80's and 90's, but Contiki can be downloaded from various websites. The most common use for this OS is for web browsing(text) and for old-school gaming.
I installed Contiki onto one of my old computers today. It's like a computer from the past.
by Lynx_User58 May 30, 2005
An early OS (operating system), that was very simple. Programs were booted after the C:\ command line. DOS was later borrowed by Microsoft, which wouldn't exist anymore if it weren't for DOS. DOS was used for classic games, such as Doom, Wolfenstein, and Quake. DOS remains in existance and is used for gaming, without having to deal with Windows errors. A new version of DOS is hard to find, but with the most current and currently most popular version being FreeDOS, DOS users are still welcome to play their old games.
DOS pretty much died out after Windows "borrowed" it.
by Lynx_User58 July 05, 2005

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