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Just as it says. It refers to a migit on crack.

It is used as a term to describe one's absurd actions.
Tina! You stupid crack migit. Stop stealing muh' cheese crackers!
by Lydia April 08, 2005
a chewy snack made of whale blubber. from the fairly odd parents. woohoo that show rocks!!!
"blubber nuggets...mmm...they're chewy!"
by Lydia July 20, 2004
something completely out of the blue that makes no sense at all!
Lydia and Emma

thats a funky beat man. yea thats what i thought untill i ate the cake pie. strawberry? no bananna! thanks fred, that took a lot of money didnt it?
by lydia December 29, 2003
1. It is another word for fart.
2. A pet name usually used on dogs.
Oopsie, I did a poopsie.

Come here my little poopsie!
by Lydia April 20, 2005
the other most amazing band in the world
by lydia April 27, 2003
Rubick's Cube Syndrome. Characterized by obsessive solving and intrest in Rubick's cubes and other involved puzzles. See also, crazy
The kids at school that have RCS are considered nerds.
by Lydia January 20, 2004
trug is "rug" with a "T"
as emma and lydia were walking down the hallway emma randomly started laughing and yelled out "TRUG IS RUG WITH A 'T'!!!" they both started laughing histerically confusing most everyone in the hall. (this could be caused by many things including: drugs, alcahol, or brain damage... no one is quite sure what it really is!)
by lydia December 29, 2003

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