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if you're going to liten to emo, listen to dashboard confessional
Dashboard Confessional isn't half bad
by Lydia May 29, 2004
Result of a shoe being imbossed upon a dog turd.
Rick stepped on a dog fece and created a dog waffle.
by Lydia April 09, 2005
not to be mistaken for using offensively, is not offensive.
Just mildly; is an often laughed at insult as it is so stupid. Used to define someone who is acting weird, one of your friends. A freak with a matron added on the end.
You're such a spazmatron!
by lydia July 13, 2004
recorded an even better version of little wing. i would never say this about anything else, but he made jimi hendrix(aka god) look like a FOOL on that one!
SRV's version of "Little Wing" originally by Jimi Hendrix is the SHIT
by lydia May 31, 2004
The human incarnation of wit, wisdom and creativity; The moral beacon for the misguided masses.
One girl to another: "God, I wish 236260 would bend me over a sofa."

Response: "It's just a matter of time.
by Lydia November 12, 2004
a chewy snack made of whale blubber. from the fairly odd parents. woohoo that show rocks!!!
"blubber nuggets...mmm...they're chewy!"
by Lydia July 20, 2004
a boy who is too cute for words.

a boy who likes to take pictures of himself in a soldier's jacket making the saluting position with his hands on a saturday night.
john cochran also known as rivers is a boychika.

a hot boychika, if i do say so myself. ;)
by Lydia March 06, 2004
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