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When I poop in a republican's smoothie, I call it a poopsie.
That arrogant republican really enjoyed that poopsie that I prepared him. He even made that gurgling sound at the end with his straw. Hilarious! I hope he gets worms in his shit.
by Running out of patience May 20, 2010
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A friendly and cute name for your friends or pets.
Hey poopsie! How are you today?
by TorabisuD April 30, 2008
This term is a nickname for the greatest thing to ever happen to a honkie and that is his beautiful girlfriend who is also his soulmate. The love of his life and a gift from God.
Yo, Erkie!!! You my Poopsie!!! I love you, baby girl because you complete this honkie!!! Pizn Pizn!!!
by Shaqueezle G. December 08, 2005
A selfie taken of your facial expression while pushing out a giant poop. Frequently this expression will involve grimacing or a look of distress.
Man, after all those burritos last night you should have seen the size of the log I pushed out. It took everything I had to push it out. Here's a poopsie of myself to prove it!
by Krust. A. Potamus August 15, 2013
Describes a cool relaxed person who doesn't care about anything.
Why don't you get off your butt and do some work poopsie.
by Bradey April 16, 2008
A cool person not giving a crap about anything.
There is 3 people in the class that are Super Poopsies, Cody,Bradey,Gary
by Bradey April 15, 2008
a)Noun;A relatively abnormal excrement that is awkwardly designed to resemble other things. This is used mainly by politicians to substitute the presence of a friend (but not limited to).

b)Noun;A Log which is oversized having smooth texture around its surface, usually assembled prior to use (but there are several occasions in which it isn't).
Fred molded a poopsie on Nick's Yard.
by Nick Poopsie September 03, 2006

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