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It is when a man has a threesome with two fat chicks.
"Dude, I am going to go for a threesome tonight!" "Look at you man, you have a better chance pulling off a 'pigs in a blanket'."
#fat chick #pigs #threesome #tag team #sex
by fatchickluver June 17, 2009
A delicious breakFEAST consisting of pancakes that have sausages cooked into them. Served smothered with syrup on top. Rarely ever made unless by specific request on holidays or on a day you stayed home from school sick.
Dad: What do you kids want for breakfast?
Kids: Pigs in a blanket!
Dad: Are you sure you don't want french toast instead?
#pig in a blanket #breakfast #sausages #pancakes #pigs in blanket #delicious
by Nate Richardsons July 30, 2011
Another name for weed , pot , or marijuana.
Examples :

Im trying get to get blown , do you have some pigs in a blanket ?

I had some pigs in a blanket this morning now I'm on cloud nine.
#marijuana #weed #smoking #drugs #addiction
by Benjii - November 09, 2012
slang word for "Docking"
"dude ima go wrap the pigs in a blanket"
"ok Chuck"
"raaisins :)"
#chuck #murphy #docking #pigs #in #a #blanket
by CHUCKLOVESTODOCK69 May 19, 2010
Its when you rub your dick up and down the outside of a girls pussy (but inside the lips), hitting the clit with the head of your dick.
Give your girl a taste of pigs in a blanket, she will beg you for more!
#pig #pigs #blanket #clit #rub
by socalcutie July 19, 2010
the police when they in they squad cars.
matt: yo dude, check it out.

justin: ha, it's da pigs in a blanket!
#pigs #5-0 #cops #popo #police
by pimpmaster25 December 03, 2007
This phrase can be called out after any action or word that violates some rule and is not allowed to be said or done in public. You can call 'Pigs in a Blanket' on anything that you think is inappropriate; especially after racial or ethnic slurs.
An asian man is sitting near you on a bus.
Doug: Did you hear the one about the Japanese guy and the three prostitutes?
Tyler: Pigs in a blanket, man.
#pigs in a blanket #pegs in a blanket #pig in a blanket #pigs #pig
by TylerC November 23, 2006
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