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It is when a man has a threesome with two fat chicks.
"Dude, I am going to go for a threesome tonight!" "Look at you man, you have a better chance pulling off a 'pigs in a blanket'."
by fatchickluver June 17, 2009
35 22
A delicious breakFEAST consisting of pancakes that have sausages cooked into them. Served smothered with syrup on top. Rarely ever made unless by specific request on holidays or on a day you stayed home from school sick.
Dad: What do you kids want for breakfast?
Kids: Pigs in a blanket!
Dad: Are you sure you don't want french toast instead?
by Nate Richardsons July 30, 2011
15 8
Another name for weed , pot , or marijuana.
Examples :

Im trying get to get blown , do you have some pigs in a blanket ?

I had some pigs in a blanket this morning now I'm on cloud nine.
by Benjii - November 09, 2012
3 1
Its when you rub your dick up and down the outside of a girls pussy (but inside the lips), hitting the clit with the head of your dick.
Give your girl a taste of pigs in a blanket, she will beg you for more!
by socalcutie July 19, 2010
16 18
slang word for "Docking"
"dude ima go wrap the pigs in a blanket"
"ok Chuck"
"raaisins :)"
by CHUCKLOVESTODOCK69 May 19, 2010
5 7
Pigs in a Blanket, n. - The act of having three or more naked men in one bed at once usually for sexual reasons.
Marcos: Hey guys, wanna come back to my place and get all cozy with me and Seth .
Trent: Yeah babycakes i wanna be pigs in a blanket with you boys.
by BabaBryan July 12, 2010
8 11
the police when they in they squad cars.
matt: yo dude, check it out.

justin: ha, it's da pigs in a blanket!
by pimpmaster25 December 03, 2007
11 15