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As Is Good And Proper as a backwards acronym, because it's fun to say out loud. It is applicable to a myriad of different situations and almost always relevent.


Say it. It's fun.
Person 1 - "We should do some heavy drinking tonight."

Person 2 - "PAGIA"
by lush October 15, 2004

Used to describe someone who is way too old for what he or she is wearing; see also senile.
"That 45-year-old woman in those low-cut jeans? Is she crazy or just teenile?"
by Lush February 25, 2004
When a man makes constant awkward eye contact while jamming his fingers into a woman's vagina. The "poke n stare" decreases the already minute chance of a woman achieving orgasm via fingering by almost 85%.
Girl 1: Ugh, Josh gave me the poke n stare last night. I had to fake it to get him to stop.
Girl 2: Ouch.
by Lush July 10, 2008

A woman who finds it of utmost importance to flaunt her engagement/wedding ring at all times.
"Who does that karat dangler think she's impressing? Like I've never seen a rock before."
by Lush February 25, 2004
h-town. the place where kids spend hours standing in the wawa parking lot during the summer, and just as long in their cars when its 20 degrees outside. where when there's nothing to do, you head across the street to texaco for a blunt, and if that doesn't work out, you have to crash somebody's house to play pong. hockessin is the place where wilmington kids go to do absolutely nothing. senior year, everyone works to get their asses somewhere else, and when they end up on break from UD or deltech, their cars will be parked on the WSFS side of wawa while they are on bowl rides.
i need to go into hockessin to get some pot from kids at wawa. and then i need to sit there for 3 hours.
by lush February 01, 2005
(n.) A significant other who finds it necessary to hover around his or her mate at all times.
"I'd love to come to girls' night, but my helicopter probably won't let me out of his sight."
by Lush February 25, 2004
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