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4 definitions by Lukethesod

A woman who becomes pregnant by raping a man.
Dave, "mate, you know that woman who raped me 9 months ago."
Mike, "Yeah, why did you just bring it up?"
Dave,"I saw her with a kid that looks a bit like a younger me."
Mike,"She's a sperm burglar!"
by Lukethesod September 16, 2008
The act of being a sperm burglar.
Mike, "I have a similar problem."
Dave, "you've been sperm burgled too?!?!?!"
by Lukethesod September 16, 2008
A fan of Coheed and Cambria
Bob " I know all the words to the Running free"
Dave "Man, you're such a Cohead"
by Lukethesod May 17, 2009
The inflation of the ball sack, caused from a lack of sex or wanking.
Dave "I haven't pumped for a month."
Mike "Man you must have a fair Sperm bulge."
by Lukethesod March 06, 2009