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You are having sexual intercourse with a woman and you are thrusting your penis into her anal cavity. Just before you are about to excrete manjuice, you pull out and spit on the woman's back so that she thinks you came. Then, as she turns around, you jack off in her face, leaving a sticky, smelly mess.
Woman: "Are you gonna cum?"
Man: "Yes honey, right now." *spit!*
Woman: "Wow, that was some great sex! Let me just turn around and-"
by Dan Jakubek May 01, 2004
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when you are fucking a girl in the ass, in the doggy style position, you spit on her back and when she turns around because she thinks you came you blow the load in her face
I gave megan kefer the play action fake last night
by Santino March 31, 2003
While poking your bitches pooper from da inside, you fake like you are going to punch her in the face, but instead choke the bitch til she goes limp.
Person 1: Jim Nene came over last night and I gave him the play action fake.
Person 2: cool, I get his stereo!
by Dilznik May 04, 2003
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