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Catchphrase by UK garage sensation CRAIG DAVID (from Bo Selecta) meaning very good.
"I've got nothing against gays. Me best mates a gay, and he's black, and he's in a wheelchair, and he wears a turbine, in fact he's every minority you can think of and I think he's proper bo."
by MikeDX December 03, 2004
The exact transaltion is very good or really good
"I just won the lottery, proper bo"
by ashman November 23, 2003
something that is very good/exciting/fun/cool. invented by none other than the 'real' craige david.
"thats proper bo i tell thee" - craige david
"mmmmmmmmmm hmmm mmmmmm mmmm SHARON!"
by craig david June 24, 2003
A quote Sergio ripped off t14.
T14 Person: Propa Bo! :D
Sergio: o_O
Sergio: YEAH! PROPA!!
by Skittletonius December 30, 2003
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